Monday, December 27, 2010

granddaughters great and small

Flea's little granddaughter was in the box and she said she was a present. Yes she is just the best present I ever saw.
Flet final posted photos of the little kids which I had been waiting for 36 hours. She said the little ones were not much trouble with the big kids there so why did it take her so long to post photos of Sunday I ask you? She probably has been sleeping. I called last evening and talked to George he said she was at wal-marts. I was glad I thought maybe Emma will get her gifts now! I could tell by the photos Christmas day that Emma was not happy about getting a card from grandma saying we will shop later.
Really Fleta, a 11 year old is still young enough to look forward to bright colored boxes with secrets and to enjoy the unwrapping of the gift. Sometime I don't know where your brain is.
The photo of the girl pulling her socks up is Emma, I can see the mad on her face and she had a right to be pissed!
It is so cold and I have to go water and feed the birds. I dread it.

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Sister--Three said...

Fleta is like me...I don't think she likes shopping. I got Clayton a work bench with tools and a work light and a vice. No telling what he will do.
I got Greta a little device to help her stay on her stomach.

Jimmy Carter tries to do good, but after reading the book about the presidents...I do not like him as much. Yes, he does a lot of stuff but he is getting the reward right here on earth. he does not measure up to his mother. She was a very humble lady. Or maybe he has changed.