Monday, December 27, 2010


I can't decide whether we had a light snow or a heavy frost but if it is snow it is the kind I like no covering and will melt when we see the sun. It is 13 degrees and no wind this morning. We did have a light snow yesterday. There was just enough of it that I could tell it was snow.
Jimmy Carter has been waging war for 24 years trying to wipe out a worm that infests the poor people of this world. I had never heard of such a worm. It is named the guinea worm and people become infected by drinking water that contain the larva. The worm travels down the host's leg and come out on the bottom of the foot, one inch a day and the worm is 3 foot long. They wrap the worm around a stick as it makes it exit. Terrible to think about and the report says the person can not walk while the worm is in the leg. What pain and misery and the way to prevent this horrible worm is to strain the drinking water so education is what is needed.
Jimmy says he hopes to wipe out this infection of the poor in his life time. He has one area to go the Sudan in Africa and his war against the guinea worm will be a success. Jimmy is 86 years old and he has been a credit to the human race since he left the white house.
"I'm still determined to outlive the last guinea worm," Carter told The Associated Press in a phone interview. The 86-year-old set that goal in the 1980s, when his center helped eliminate guinea worm from Pakistan and other Asian nations.

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Donna said...

I adore Jimmy Carter. Even when he does the wrong thing, you can bet he's acting out of a good conscience and doing what he thinks is right. He's the last president we've had who actually knew what physical labor is like (read "An Hour Before Daylight").
Love the man.