Wednesday, December 15, 2010


I turned the guineas out for awhile they went into the wild cheery tree and were yelling at the neighbors. I put them up and they are eating their breakfast now. I really don't care if they aggravate the neighbor but I am afraid they will shoot them if they get too loud. I still have the younger 7 in the chicken pen and I am thinking about turning them out with the others. That will make 14 screaming guineas.
16 more days this year seem this year has gone fast. 28 degrees this morning and maybe rain after 9 Am . The air is damp so it probably will sprinkle.


Sister--Three said...

When I see the quineas in the tall trees, I think......
I'll fly away oer glory
I'll fly away
Some glad morning when the sun is high
I'll fly away. (Hank Williams wrote this song) Larry said when he was a little boy living in the mts. with his grandparents. Grandpa would often get drunk on shine and when he came home way in the night he would be singing this song! Higher than a kite on the shine!

It was above freezing here. I feel sickness coming on again tomorrow.

Judy said...

I love that song by Hank Williams she is talking about. I read somewhere that Hank Williams was drunk in the back seat of a car when he wrote the song. Praise the Lord, I Saw The Light. He was looking at a street light outside the car while he was lying down in the back seat. lol.

Sister--Three said...

Sister, you know I am getting senile. I may have had a memory lapse. Grandpa may have sun I saw the light...and Hank may have not even wrote "I'll fly away". One thing that is true for sure is Larry said Grandpa would be singing and he would be drunk on the moonshine.