Sunday, December 05, 2010

Julian Assange

Julian Assange ...The reaction of the US government and its lapdog press is the most important and damaging truth revealed thus far by WikiLeaks!

Any thinking person knows that when a member of the human race obtains riches and power that person turns to the wilder side of human nature, pity gossip, back biting and worse activities simply because they can and this is what the WikiLeaks show in the diplomats cables they has been released so far. The reaction of our government in going full out to capture Mr. Assanger only makes me wonder what they, the powers that be, know and are shaking in their boots with fear that WlkiLeaks may leak next.

Any thinking person should realize that our Government has killed untold hundreds if not hundreds of thousands innocents since we have gone to war in Iraq and Afghanistan. Our leaders have grown rich and gross on the wealth of the world and now when it seems that they are being exposed for their wicked ways the powers that be are calling for the blood of the Leaker and very few members of our population are turning from their Television entertainment to take note of the Leaks.
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Sister--Three said...

I don't think he will escape. Not much of a place to hide when the entire world is chasing you like a hound. None of what I heard was very damaging.