Sunday, December 05, 2010


SON Kelly went to the hardware here in town and ask to buy turnip seed, they sold him what they said was turnip seed and the photo in the plastic bag is a sample of his turnips. The other photo in the black tray is a photo of parsnips that I found on line.
I have not cooked any of son's turnips but he says they taste like turnips. I have never tasted a parsnip does anyone know if they have a flavor even remotely near the taste of turnips?
I am going to cook some today to see how they taste. I would say either son has a parsnips patch or the turnip seed he bought had crossed with parsnips some how.
I did a google search and found some comments that said that parsnips taste some what like turnips others compared parsnips to carrots and every comment said parsnips had a sweet taste so I believe son has a parsnip patch.


The 4th Sister said...

I have had them both cooked...In my openion the parshnips do not have as strong of a taste as turnips.

Sister--Three said...

Larry bought some white and some purple top. My white looked similar to these. I prefer the purple top.