Tuesday, December 07, 2010

My day

sisters have posted about their day so I will tell you about mine.
I get out of bed when I have to get up, aching bones and all that make me roll out of bed some times by 4 O'clock any way when I get up since cold weather has arrived I turn the wall heater up , make my self a cup of instant coffee, black no sugar or milk.
then I go to my computer to read all the news on line. I have 6 news sites I look at every morning. They are MSNBC NEWS, Drudge report, this is a republican site but I read it too. then The Democrat underground, The Huffington news and opinion. I check out the Brits on The Guardian.
after this I usually have to change my bandage on my abscess wound in my abdomen. . I had had this sore , pus and crap running out on my skin for 3 years and 3 months now. my skin usually is sore blistered or burning like fire so I coat the skin with a salve that contains Zinc Oxide or a paste that my home health nurse brings me I bandage the wound and hope I will not have to change the bandage for a few hours. the only thing good about this is my Medicare pays for the bandages and some other supplies I use.

I go back to the computer to read the blogs I visit everyday usually several times a day. I check on Velvet, Just Me in Mo., the gal in Ca., Carmen on the mountain side in New Mexico and the Lady from Harrison unless she is on strike which she is now then I cross the Ocean to check on Lottie.
now the sun is up so I let the dogs out, get 2 buckets of hot water to pour on the chicken and guineas frozen water, feed the chickens and turn the older guineas out to fly around and drive the neighbors crazy.Back to the house either more computer or I go lie down for awhile to warm up usual my bed fellow is a book, murder mystery is my forte. I might read for awhile or take a nap which ever suits me. about 9 I start to think about food and get up to forge in the kitchen, If I feel well enough I might make a full breakfast, baking bread, bacon, eggs and gravy. I am not able to do this every day so I look for something I can fix fast and get back setting down. I take over the counter pain pills for my aches and pains at least 2 times a Day. Sammy got up this morning and said I thought you might make biscuits and gravy. I said no I am not able.

The rest of my day is spent reading or doing chores around the house if I am able or my favorite pass time the computer calls me. My sister Helen calls me about every day some time in the morning hours.We talk for maybe a hour some days. I can usual have a few minutes laughing when I talk to Helen.

Some times I call my brother Clayton and bother him, some times I get calls from my sons and my daughter after she goes to work.every few days I call Fleta either to fill her in on something I know and feel she should know. In the after noon I read all of My family blogs maybe post some thing and I usually take a nap in the after noon.

I gather the eggs and lock up the guineas and think about food again.
My evenings are spent on the computer again with some TV if there is anything to watch which is not often, I go to bed when I feel like it some time getting up several times before I settle for the night.


Donna said...

Those dadburned ole aches and pains keep us hopping, don't they? I hear ya, sister.

Velvet Sacks said...

Thanks for sharing your day with us. I'm right there with you on the murder mysteries and the computer addiction but can't handle the getting up early part. I like that you get up early, though, because yours is usually the first blog I read in the morning. You almost always have something new posted by the time I get up.

sunnycalgirl said...

Sounds like a very full day...I am getting some aches of my own these days..I am wondering about the abscess. Isn't there anything to help dry it up? Breakfast sounds good! My thoughts are with you! (:

Sister--Three said...

Girl, I love you and need you to keep going. You are a rock for me. Often I think, well, look what Sister endured in her life....your can do it little Sister...this is nothing. I did think yesterday that I was heading to a cushy job and I could be like old Sister going to the garment factory or the butchering plant for a day of hard labor. Also, once a month, my pay is a good one and that is the big reason I don't quit. My paycheck is pretty big and I want to suck those who have to pay me a few more times! I love and respect you more than you will ever know!