Wednesday, December 08, 2010

This pay day

This is pay day for me but I am sending daughter and will stay home. I have really felt bad for several days and I had been thinking I might have to give up my poultry because it was almost more than I could do taking care of them but I do feel some better today.

I woke at 5 this morning and the temperature is 27 degrees this is a little warmer than yesterday.
I guess Fleta has arrived at work and is pretending to work and Betty is warming the car. Helen will be up thinking about what work she can do today. I am on the computer reading the news and trying to stay warm.
I have to make a list for daughter to get my wants from the grocery and I have to figure my bill and write the checks then it will be back to having no money. I will say lest you feel I am in a sorry shape financially that my income is more than I had when I worked for wage. I never was able to make enough money to pay my bills and went through those years with fear and trembling every day now I may not have much but I do have enough to live on.

I will tell you some thing about poor people you may not know, they feel down cast and inferior and feel that they don't measure up some how to the rest of the world. They feel so ashamed they can hardly hold their head up most days. Life is a struggle from day light to dark and many of the working poor find even unemployment as a relief for during those days they don't go to work they will not have to go out in the public and feel the scorn heaped on them by the public.
To be poor in this country is a sin and the poor are treated with contempt.


Donna said...

It's my payday too! I don't know what time of month Cliff's will fall on when he retires, but we'll find out before long.
My prayer these days is that we have "enough". Enough food, enough health. Just enough, no more, no less.

Margie's Musings said...

It's my payday too but my social security check is not enough to pay all my bills. The only flexible part is groceries. I usually eat out three times a week and I know that's expensive but it is my only form of entertainment and socializing. I eat the cheapest thing on the menu.

Sister--Three said...

They are opening a Denny's close to me Margie! I plan to try to eat there once a week. They give AARP members 20 percent off. Larry is a member so there you go.

I can tell you Sister grew up poor, by the time, Helen, Fleta and I were teenagers we had a little more. Sister even was more when she was raising her kids. She never gave up. Always had a hard labor job. I can remember that little house between us and town that you lived in one year. You could throw a cat through the boards in the wall and you had two babies. Went there once though and you had picked the peaches in the pack of the house and were peeling them to always looked for a way and trudged on. Don't give up now. We all need you daily. Just like that aspirin I plan to take to ward of heart attack, strokes and deadly cancer.

Must get off to work Wed and Thurs. are my duty days and i have to get to school on time. I plan a sickness tomorrow and will stay in my warm house. I have not complaints as I have 90 more days built up that I can miss and get full pay!

I will see you later as now they don't block your blog at school and I can check up on you several times a day.

sunnycalgirl said...

It is rough for so many..Not fun to have money one day and not the next. My husband has been unemployed for well over a year and is needing shoulder surgery. Thank God for the VA..I am healthy and am thankful as I have no insurance. I am blessed to have met you here on blogger. You are in my prayers..

Betty said...

Don't you listen to the Republicans? We're poor because we WANT to be. All we have to do is work harder. lol