Saturday, December 25, 2010

New blog to me

I have found a new blog to me. She says she lives in LOWER Arkansas and since I like to read about people in new places I have been reading her post, past post and they are funny. Since this is Christmas and I know everyone else is busy opening presents and wont have time today tomorrow you can jump down to lower Arkansas and enjoy some great reading.
Here is one I stole from her. I figured I might as well since she stole it from the Arkansas Democrat- Gazette.
"Myrtle", a 75-year-old woman remained in jail without bail on capital-murder charges in connection with the shooting death of her husband "Walter", age 74.
Myrtle told police she was "at her wit's end" and decided to shoot her husband because he wanted sex.

"I was just at my wit's end," Myrtle told the police. "That old peckerwood was always chasing me around the house. I couldn't get anything done!"

After drinking four or five beers, she took a gun out of the nightstand beside her sleeping husband and took it into the bathroom to see if it was loaded. She returned to the bedroom and, in the dark, shot him three times in the head.

Myrtle told police she was sorry for what she had done but was relieved her husband was gone...
Click the title and visit Lower Arkansas!


Donna said...

We didn't do presents, so I have plenty of time to read blogs. You're right, she is funny. Must not have a lot of readers; there aren't a lot of comments. I might promote her myself before long. I think a lot of people would like her wit.

Speck said...

Oh Patsy, I've been a faithful reader of your blog for going on three years now. I found you when I first figured out blogs existed and wanted to find other Arkansas bloggers. All the others have dropped by the wayside now, but your's is the only blog I've continued to read since the beginning.

I love your wit and humor. You make me cackle with laughter. I don't know what I would do without my daily dose of Patsy and her chickens. You make my day!

Speck said...

@Donna -

I have a handful of readers, mostly close friends and family. They send me comments via email rather than comment on the blog because they don't have blogs or Blogger IDs.

Back when I first started blogging I blogged on "Worms." Then I started illustrating my daily blogs and started "Speck's Sketch Blog". That's where most of my daily blogging hits now. Every now and then I have to rant. For that I go back to "Worms."