Saturday, December 25, 2010

Me When I first discovered blogs on my computer soon after I had got this machine, I found this blogger her name is Donna and she lives near KC Mo. the reason I know I read every post she had made and by some clues in her post I figured out where she lived. At that time I got within 10 miles as to where she was and I would tell you where she is actually but I have forgot where she is except it is up towards KC.
Her blog at the time was an AOL blog and when they drooped their blogs she moved over to my blogger area. I also read a blog at that time of a lady who lived higher on the map. I can't remember her blog name but she took great photos and I found her link on Donna's page. I bet Donna remembers her. She was a member of what I call the upper-crust, her husband had a good paying job and she had excess to the finer things in life including all the equipment you would want to take pictures. I stole a few of those. I have lost her completely if she still blogs but I have hung on to Donna. Pay her a visit you will like her.
Some things I know about Donna..
She has owned several dogs in the time I have been visiting her.
She is a farmers wife that has to work in town to live on the farm.
She did live in a farm house but now lives in a trailer.
She has a Jersey cow, which makes me jealous.
She rides a motor cycle with her hubby.
She makes egg noodles like mine.
She did ride a horse for pleasure but Doesn't talk as much about horses now.
She has a husband named Cliff and he had some heart problems a few years ago so she has changed the way she cooks and altered her life to help him heal.
Marry Christmas Donna are you cooking egg noodles today which I know is your families favorite holiday meal?

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Donna said...

Nope, Patsy, I've only cooked one thing today, and that's because my granddaughter begged for cinnamon rolls. We're eating snacky stuff at my daughter's later on; I'm taking cheese ball.
I can't think for the life of me who the blogger is that you are talking about. A lot of the old bloggers have gone to Facebook and quit blogging. My address is Wellington, but we're between Wellington and Napoleon. Cliff really isn't a farmer; he just likes to play with tractors and pretend he's a farmer. I think perhaps you discovered my blog before I found yours! I enjoy what you have to say, and your sisters too, now that I've found them. You ladies are not too timid to speak your minds. I like that.