Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Walmart Public Service Announcement

We will be safe now the government gives the rich a tax break and we will be bombarded with home land security at the check out counter at walmart Recon they will soon do a pat down at the door as you leave?

Did you ever try to get help at wal-mart? Ask your self why wal-mart? the rich don't shop at wal-mart only the working poor go there and SS people and everyone knows the poor are criminals!


Sister--Three said...

Video is blocked at school. I will look when I get home.

sunnycalgirl said...

Patsy,I would like to ask you a question through email? Mine is you!

Sister--Three said...

Well, it will take some time to get someone to help you. You can go to the service desk. Once I bought some green tea at wal mart. Well, really my skinny friend bought it. She wanted diet and go regular or the other way around. She wanted to trade but said she threw the receipt away and they would not take it back. I said oh, not really. So, I took it back and asked to trade. They checked and I had taken 2 or 3 things back before...without a rec. I guess. Anyway they said I could not do this trade.

I thought OMG what is the world coming to. I took it to Kroger and told them what Wal Mart said...they said honey go get the one you want! I called Wal-mart and told the manager of the place the tale. He said "Mrs. R, if you ever, ever want to trade without a recpt. and they say no. You tell them to get me and I will see to it that you are taken care of! I asked him --what about all the other poor saps that buy stuff!

Winnie said...

The head of Homeland Security is a niece of a friend of mine...they got an invitation to the White House to do the Christmas tour. They decided to take advantage of the invitation because things like this do not come along too often in a life time. I am eager to see pictures and hear about their adventure