Sunday, January 16, 2011

Donna's delivery and mine

I was visiting Donna over on "ME" and she has regaled us with the story of her first child birth. She had Jimmy in 1967, that was 2 years after my last child was born but many of her experiences were similar to what I remember about child birth.
She was in a ward with 6 other women and she relates how they enjoyed visiting with each other and comparing babies.
She told how they were short of help and that her doctor didn't show up and a doctor she had never laid eyes on delivered her baby. She didn't mention how she was afraid and wondered about everything at least that was how I felt when I delivered my first child.
Here was a paragraph that brought back memories....A couple of times a day, a nurse would bring in these box-like lights and place them under the sheet, between our legs, shining directly on the place where the baby had come from. I don't think this is done any more, and I really don't know what its purpose was. Seems like they called the light a peri-lamp. It did feel rather warm and soothing.
When I had my baby the light was a gallon vegetable can with a electric socket placed in it with a regular light bulb . The purpose of the light was to keep the stitches dry and promote healing.
I noticed Donna had her baby may 1967 and the date on the photo is may 1968, it took a year for her to get the photo developed. That pretty well tells the difference in then and now , then you would wait for something until you could get the money for it now everything is right now, instance gratification.if there isn't money for it just put it on the credit card.
I had my first child at Skagg's hospital in Branson Mo. I had a long labor 26 hours if I remember right. We were housed in a ward with other new mothers. during the night after the birth I was lying awake when they brought this woman on and put her to bed . She was in labor they said. When the light begin to break in the east the woman rose from her bed and dressed and went down the hall.
When the nurse came in with our meds she ask where is the woman that was in that bed. I told her about the day break.. break. I never heard as to what was the woman's story was but I heard whispers that the lady was drunk when she came in the hospital.


Donna said...

That's funny about the photo being dated 1968. I can't believe I waited that long to see the picture of me and my baby! My parents lived at Branson for a few years after they retired, and they both went to Skaggs at different times, although I imagine it was a different building by then (the 1980's).

Judy said...

My son was born in 1968. I was frightened to death. I hated childbirth, told my husband I hated him for causing this mess I was in, swore I would never have another baby! My son weighed 8 lbs 10 ounces and broke my tailbone during delivery on top of everything else I went through. I had no idea what I was facing when I went to the hospital. Ten years later I had twins by C-section. I thought it was easier than natural child birth. Both twins weighed less than my son! Have a good week. I love the picture.

Margie's Musings said...

I had my first son in 1955. I thought I had a backache until he was born. Then I had Leslie in 1957 and was in labor 23 hours. When she was born, I was exhausted. Then I had Scott. We barely made it to the hospital in time. He was born twenty minutes later and all I had were three push cramps.

I guess Leslie was an object lesson so I wouldn't think other women's labor was not normal.

Donna said...

By the way, Patsy, if you read the entry beneath the one with the picture, you will see how scared I was; it's a two-part story.