Sunday, January 16, 2011

barn yard fowl

These are 2 of Sammy's chickens. They are barn yard fowl. Mixed with what every breed that happen to be in the barn yard. In the past here and I suppose is still the case in the hills and hollows around the Huntville Arkansas people had a few barn yard fowl that had developed over the years. Survival of the fittest was the rule. They didn't feed their chickens. The birds had to find their food where every they could in the barn yard. These birds had to be able to fly to the highest point on the farm and hide in the foliage from the hawks and other birds of prey. These bird would lay a few eggs and then set on their eggs and the chicks would have little meat on their frame but would live to start a new family of birds next season. long life was not in the cards for these birds. They lived and died on their own resources and any eggs the owner found was pure profit.

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The 4th Sister said...

That's pretty much the chickens we had on the farm....I remember in the summer Mama hearing a hen cackle and sending us up on the hill in the direction she thought the cackle came from hoping we would find a hen nest....It seems like we often found them in the fence row.Is that just my imagination, Sisters?