Saturday, January 15, 2011

FBI come on down

Fleta thinks I am in danger of a visit from the FBI because I am always saying something negative about the Political circus in this country. I am ready.
There is a fellow in Christian county Mo. who got a visit from the FBI because he has a blog titled Long is wrong this was about Billy Long a new member of congress.
The report stated that the FBI was asking members of congress about anyone who made them uneasy and that is how the blogger got the special attention.
The sheriff of Christean county also stated that the FBI was looking at several people from this area.
Now some of you know that I have this abscess in my belly and that I am pretty well house bound. I go around in an old night gown here at the house because I can't stand any thing tight across my stomach. I also go bare foot in the house. I can just see the FBI coming in here and when I let them in they behold this toothless, bare foot half naked old woman who if they stay very long will either have to change my bandage or have crap running from the wound onto the floor.Yeah I will welcome them with open arms. If they show up I will ask them if I can take photos for my blog.
Any thing to break up these long January days.


Donna said...

I think you could handle them just fine!

Sister--Three said...

Take care. We will go your bail if you get hauled off.