Friday, January 14, 2011

to town we went

This squirrel is getting ready to make his bed and I do that often because I spend a great deal of time in bed these days.
I went to town today and spent money at the dollar store. I went by our local 2nd. store and got a few books.
I cooked beans yesterday and I ate a bowl while ago. We ate beans every day when i was a girl.
I called and old Friend awhile ago. Vivian Tusing I worked with her for years at Tyson. she has reached the great age of 87 years and is doing very well. She told me Jennifer Knight has a 2 year old girl. aunt Betty would be pleased.
I am going to do like the squirrel and go to bed.


Donna said...

The way prices are going up up up, people are going to have to eat a lot of beans or else starve.

Sister--Three said...

Stole that picture, Sister.