Wednesday, January 19, 2011

In the news

Drudge reports Obama is skinny now they are spreading the rumor that he picked up worms while vacationed in Hawaii.
Drudge says the governor of Hawaii says he will find and release Obama's birth record.
Sarge Shriver has died. Sarge was the head of the peace corp when it was first founded. he suffered from Alzheimer's.
Speaking of Alzheimer's, Regan's son has said that Regan suffered from Alzheimer's while he was we though he just napped a lot.
The King haters are at their old tricks, as in MLK they found was a bomb planted along the parade route in SPOKANE Washington.
A volunteer group that distributed food to the homeless was shut down by the the Houston Health and Human Services Department, reported The Houston Chronicle. Meanwhile the salvation army say the demand for food for the poor is skyhigh and they need help.
Japanese scientist report they are with in 3 years of creating a woolly mammoth. Good, perhaps the hungry will feast on woollys.
Apparently public intoxication is a reason for police to intervene with animals as well as humans. German police recently found a drunk owl out in public and took in the animal, saying it would be released once it has sobered up. The question who will pay his fine?

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Sister--Three said...

Back to work today...but able to drink my coffee. Trying to stick to 2 small cups, but strong. Iguess I was sick. Can't tell now when I am sick.

Clayton is going to school. In the cafeteria...he found a little girl friend and walked around holding her hand.