Friday, January 21, 2011

mid town miscreant

Donna on Just me put me on to this fellow, he is my kind of person. Donna said she read his blog but she thought he used bad words and she wouldn't put his link on her blog so of course I had to put him up on mine right away. Contarary is my middle name.
Today he has posted about the golden voice skid row bum that has been all the rage of late and his view was just about what I was thinking about Mr. Ted my title and go read his post,Fast Eddie friday.
This is just a paragraph from his post....In a few minutes we will move on from the Williams saga if we haven't already. We will forget all about him until he pops up on TMZ or turns up in an E R after trying to cheek a hot crack pipe because the "Tree People" were after him. Next week we will become enamored with a milk cow that has Jesus face on it's ass, or some crazy character that goes viral on Youtube. Then we will fall in love all over again.... go by and read the post you will be glad you did.

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Donna said...

Oh, you bet! I love MM, but he puts bad words in his titles and of course those show up on my blog if I link to him! I never miss what he has to say, and often email links of his entries to Cliff so he'll read them.