Friday, January 21, 2011

snow cover and cold

14 degrees here and I have made it out to the chickens taking them hot water to pour on the ice in their drinking containers. They were all alive even if the feet were cold.
Not much to report because the day went by yesterday under a snow cover. My old neighbor came over and shoveled me a path to the chicken pens and a path to Janet's car. Sammy went out on the porch and yelled and yelled at him trying give him a dozen eggs but he was on his way home and not wearing his hearing aid.
We looked out a little time later and he was out cleaning Janet's truck off and was wearing his hearing aid. Janet went and yelled here is some eggs and he heard her. I told Sam probably his wife heard you calling and when he got home told him get back over there and they will give you eggs!

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Sister--Three said...

It was 14 degrees here when I got up at 5. Took time to warm my rig about 15 minutes before I left home. So cold. I know Win is frozen up north. Poor cuz. Wouldnot want to like in Kansas Alaska City. Sis 3