Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Sammy's roosters

I think Sammy may have another rooster, the black chicken at the top looks like a rooster to me. I am sure the barred chicken in the 2ND. photo is a hen and one other.of the 5 that is the only two I am sure about . I think the black chicken on the right with feather on her legs might be a pullet but she or he is the youngest so might be a rooster also.
His white chickens are looking better all the time. The combs are noticeable more red and they should start laying next month I think. I am going to have him take them back to market when they start laying. I think he will get a good price for them and they eat like hogs so I don't want to keep them.

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Sister--Three said...

No wonder eggs in the store are so high...those white chickens eat too much.