Tuesday, January 25, 2011

set with me under the apple tree!

WASHINGTON — Civility or just silly, the push to mix Republicans and Democrats through the audience of President Barack Obama's televised State of the Union address spread across Capitol Hill on Monday, fueled by signals that Americans want to see more cooperation among the nation's leaders.
This is the silliest thing they have pulled yet.
I think we have a group of school children trying to run this country.
I think someone better set by Joe Wilson and place both hands over his mouth.
The truth be told I think they get along fine with each other of the opposite party. They just want us to think they don't so we will think they are about something besides getting drunk, chasing sex and making money. I was going to say chasing the opposite sex but we know some of these people swing both ways.
Washington D C is a big joke any more any it is not a laughing matter!
I did laugh when I saw that the wet back Rahm Emanuel will not be allowed on the ballot in Chicago for mayor. I saw he had raised a boat load of money and now they wont let him run. My question is will he be allowed to keep the money? If he can maybe that was the plan. If he can't keep the gold maybe he will give it to Hillary to settle her debts after all Bill Clinton went to try to help him get the job.

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Donna said...

Oh Patsy, this made me laugh out loud. I can tell you've been reading Midtown MIscreant; he's starting to influence you!