Sunday, January 16, 2011

Squirrel lunch

The grey squirrel is not native to Britain and is considered a pest by bird lovers.
The grey was imported a 100 years past and has over run the island. Taking over habitat needed by the native red squirrel.
One bird lover has taken the task to out smart the squirrel at her bird feed station so far the score is squirrel 100. Mrs Hancock Zilch.
Alice Hancock thought she had found a way of keeping the treat just for her feathered garden visitors, but was amazed to see it was no match for the squirrel.


Donna said...

Well, at least we got even with the British for infesting us with English Sparrows in 1850.

Sister--Three said...

Larry prefers to hunt the grey squirrel over the red. He says the grey taste better, too.