Tuesday, March 29, 2011

lot of bull

I had visitors today first my brother came by and brought egg cartons and I enjoyed listening to his talks then when he went home my son tony came by with egg cartons so between the two visitors I heard a lot of bull!
My radishes are up. Clayton told me as he came in. The onions have a few sprouts . I went out to see after Clayton went home and I have enough radishes up I should have a lot when the lettuce come up I will have a salad bowl in my yard.
I got a dozen eggs and Sammy got 15 banty eggs so we have eggs again to give away.
It is cold and rainy here! wish spring was sprung.


Sister--Three said...

I am out of egg cartons. Wish Clayton and Tony would come by and bring some along with the 'bull' they shoot.

Balisha said...

Hi...You asked on my blog, when we plant seeds in my area. I think this year we will plant them in April. I usually put a few in in March, but this year is like no other...so cold. Balisha