Wednesday, March 30, 2011

calf coop

People have no common sense any more this plastic tub is 3 feet wide and 6 feet long with a height of about 4 feet. This is a calf shelter. I could not imagine anyone using this so I did a search and found several companies selling them . The only thing I can figure is they use them to raise veal. The price for one this size is $249.00. This one is caved in slightly and was tossed out for that reason and I have it in my yard. I think that they would make a great chicken house. Gone are the days when men like my father would take a few board some nails and a few pieces of tin and hammer together a shelter for animals to give them some protection in the winter.
Plastic is a product of oil no wonder we have shortages in oil with so many things being built by plastic.


Donna said...

We had lots of similar hutches when I raised calves. We gave them all a nice pen in front and I moved the houses and pens frequently, usually about once a week; it was a lot of work, and I did it myself, alone. A couple of hours or so after the calves had their bottle, sometimes I'd turn them all out for a run, which was really fun to watch. You only leave them in there for a two or three months until they are weaned. Dairies raise all their calves like this, but they wean them at 6 weeks of age.
The hutches have to be secured to the ground or else they'll blow away.

Sister--Three said...

I guess exercise is not important.