Monday, March 21, 2011

medical care

When you are young you take math test
when you are old you take health test.
I think we have the worst medical care in the world, The doctors I have seen over the last 15 year, ever since our Dr. Wallace retired are on one tract it is the tract to their wealth. I have not seen one doctor that has any compassion or feeling for their patients in years. It is all about what they can do to charge the insurance companies to bring more money in to their pockets.
Dr. Wallace would see 30 or 40 patients a day most doctors feel over worked if they see 10 patients a day.
Sammy goes to a doctor that I used to go see, he fills his calender with appointments that are unnecessary and when you really need to see him you have a 2 week waiting period. It is all about money.
health insurance is a thriving business in this country keeping people in work. All the money is going to the paper chasers and such trying to find away for the patient not to get medical help that he needs.
Now with the new health bill that has been labeled obamacare it seems that people are going to have to pay for health insurance which will be more money for the insurance companies to spend to keep people from receiving medical care. Health insurance only means insurance for a thriving business.

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