Saturday, March 05, 2011

Stacy, who are you?

My son has this little black dog who he raised on a bottle because his mother died shortly after giving birth. Sammy tends to connect his dog with human traits. The last few days Getmo, that is his name by the way, has refused to come into the house. Sammy thinks Getmo is mad at him. I think he has a lady friend about to come into season.
Our neighbors apparently have a baby. They throw out their trash in this fire burner and every week they burn the accumulated trash. Getmo has been going over and bringing back treasures to our front door step where they lay until I pick them up and burn them. This week he has brought several dirty diapers, a dead new born pup, old bits of clothing and several stuffed animal;s with the stuffing torn part way out. I will be glad when that baby get past the diaper stage of Getmo gets out of the puppy stage.

I went to visit velvet and she was telling how her new pup was tearing up jack all over the house. I could tell her she hasn't any trouble compared to Sammy.

Rained last night here and I wondered how the guineas were doing in the hurricane. I peeked out and they were still on the roost with the rain sliding off their feathers. Just now I looked out my window and they were strolling around the neighbors yard. I still only have 9. 3 are missing but Sammy hears them across the road yelling yesterday so they are still among the living.

I have a puzzle which I need help with, The last couple of days I have had someone named STACY commenting on my blog and it appears that I should know who she is but when I click on her name it tells me her blog is private and I have to have permission.
Yesterday she wrote...Stacy said...
I am pooped. Working after having surgery is pretty hard. I am surviving. Like you I have lived my life knowing "I can do this". My 8 staples come out Monday after work...I will be glad to get them out.

STACY who are you? and can you let me read your blog? What kind of surgery did you have? I feel like I started reading a book from the middle and don't know the first part.


Donna said...

Getmo will not outgrow his love of nasty, stinky things. He'll get over the chewing and other puppy traits, but any dog I've ever seen, no matter the age, loves dirty diapers and dead animals.
I hope Stacey identifies herself. I have a couple of anonymous commenters that I wish would let me know if I know them. Some of my anonymous people do leave a name when they comment; wish they all would.

Fleta said...

Stacy is Betty, when she commented from School. I guess Stacy was signed on and did not sign off. Going to work with staples was the give away. Only Betty would do that. Stacy would have waited till the staples were out and she had healed.

Lottie said...

Glad you have found out who Stacy is - phew that'll be a relief

It is lovely to catch up with everything going on in your life

Thanks so much for taking the time to leave a comment on my blog - very much appreciated. I hope that 'normal' service will resume soon when I am back to full strength

Sister--Three said...

Patsy, Stacie subbed for me and used my computer. I went to work Thurs. and Fri...but I was only and 10 per cent there. Well, I posted and Stacie's name came up...I never even noticed the name.

Patsy, have you ever thought about what is hard to do with staples in your gut...well here are a few..

1. laugh (don't even try to laugh)

2. breathe (you will have to breathe but it will hurt like h.ll)

3 Poop (this is really bad)

4. Get up out of bed (the best way is just fall out on the floor and then stand up)

5. Bend over (just leave what ever it is in the floor!)

Driving was easy. Eating is so much better after having your nasty stoned filled gallbladder out.

Stacie lol