Saturday, April 23, 2011

Dinner and divorce

66 degrees here and the weather forecast is 90% chance of thunder storms here for today and tonight. rain fell last night here.
Sammy is going to the sale again today so we may have more bantams this evening.He has 4 roosters and 15 hens now and we are getting 2 eggs a day!
Kelly is coming for dinner today so I am going to cook the Easter ham today. Mashed potatoes and brown and serve rolls, ham gravy and I bakes a apple pie yesterday.
Tony has company coming, his daughter and her husband will be here for the week-end.
Tony said the report was that Casey was caring a girl. That will be 2 great grand daughters and 2 great grand sons for me. I had 4 children, 4 grandchildren and now 4 great grand children. I have 16 direct descents.
I have a story to tell and will not name names to protect the guilty.
There is a couple who divorced last year and it came time to file taxes. The ex wife dreaded the ordeal because her ex husband was a mean mouthed SOB but she gritted up her courage and showed up to take care of old business upon arrival at the tax prepares shop they were informed that they would not be allowed to file a tax return together since their divorce was final before the last day of 2010.
The ex wife was delighted but the ex hubby was some what up set because he owed the federal government 20 thousand in tax monies. As a parting shot of hateful speech he declared he was going to sue the ex wife for the tax money. Hopefully this will be the last time the ex wife has to listen to his rants.

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