Friday, April 22, 2011

rain and lettuce

My lettuce has not sprouted like it should. I finally decided the guineas were dust bathing in the bed and covered the seeds so deep they couldn't come up.
I went and covered the seed bed this time, this was the third try, i covered the bed with chicken wire or any thing I could get a hold on to stop the guineas from waling in the dirt and this morning I have a nice stand coming up.
We had a lot of rain last night and rain is in the forecast for the next 5 days.
one of Sammy's little bantam hens he bought had leg mites so bad we treated her with Vaseline and she is better. She is walking some and eating and drinking. I think she might be part silkie and I like the way she looks so I am hoping she will live. I have her in a dog coop in the yard because she wouldn't come out to get food and water. When we put new chickens in the pen it takes a few days for them to blend into the flock but in her case she was weak and couldn't walk well so I isolated her hoping she would get stronger.

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