Saturday, April 30, 2011

blue egg bantam

One of Sammy's bantams is laying a blue egg. I don't know which one but it is a nice blue color.

I removed all the screens from the lettuce patch this morning I certainly hope the guineas will not get in and wallow.

Sammy had 4 roosters and he is taking 2 of them to the sale today. He is talking about bringing home baby chicks. He can buy them for a dollar a piece.

He has 5 bantam chicks that Kelly is taking care of for him. he bought 20 Rhode Island Red chicks for Kelly last week and Kelly told me he wasn't going to pay Sammy for them . I suppose he didn't because I heard Sammy on the phone telling Donnie that he didn't know Kelly didn't have any money. My sons lay awake nights trying to figure out ways to get something over on one another.


Sister--Three said...

That is the prettiest blue egg. I have seen those but not that pretty of a blue.

Judy said...

Love that blue egg! Hope you are o.k. and happy birthday early. I tried commenting last week and it never would let me. I hope it works this time. You are right about Elvis but I liked his music. I always heard he missed his twin that died at birth really bad and felt as if there was something missing all the time. Having twin girls and knowing how close they are I can understand that. Have a great week.