Wednesday, April 13, 2011

George Gaddy

I couldn't see Fleta's image even after clicking on it so I down loaded it and worked with it. George Gaddy signed this and of course he was Mama's great grandfather. George Gaddy was a preacher, he helped settle Denver Arkansas and fought in the civil war on the union side. The story is told about George who love chewing tobacco and one day while entering the church a Friend gave him a small twist of chewing tobacco. Mt. Gaddy put in his pocket and promptly forgot about the gift. While the church was singing George felt the twist in his pocket and thought it was a mouse. While holding the prize tightly with his hand he whispered to his son get you knife and cut my pocket I have a mouse in my fist and can't open my hand or will escape. Preacher was a laughing a stock when the word spread in the congregation about preacher's mouse. Also of note I believe George and his brother named Denver New Salem when they settled it later it was called Denver. You can click on my photo and actually see it. I also read about the Chicago school and the bane on bringing home packed lunches. The reason they used was some children had food allergies and might trade food and become ill. The site that I read said the reason was that the amount of federal monies coming in from the government was less because everyone were like Austin and called it slop. I was reading while back and learned that most schools serve these heat and serve prepacked lunches which looked like slop. These lunches make TV dinners look good or Mike's dollar menu at MacDonald's.

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The 4th Sister said...

I spoke to Kris about the ban and she said if they did that they had to offer the kids free food if they did not have lunch money......She also said maybe they were a title 19 school and had a surplus of food money and made this rule to get rid of the access money before the year was out so they would not loose funds next year......Whatever the reason I doubt if they were really concerned that the kids were not getting a good lunch.