Tuesday, April 12, 2011

quakes in japan and Arkansas

Yesterday was warm almost you could say hot this morning the air is chilly to say the least.
My great garden patch is showing more grass every day. I think it is going to be a bust. I can't stand long enough to hoe it out so I guess Sammy will mow it out and take the lettuce and radishes out too.
Japan has more earth quakes and it seems to me the island may sink into the ocean. We are still having earth quakes in Arkansas weekly. The last one was Friday near Greenbriar.
We had the direct satellite fellow here working yesterday and the two dogs were confined to the out side dog pen most of the day because I told my kids we couldn't have them barking and threatening the fellow all day. It was very peaceful all day.
It is rather lonesome around here with no chickens in the pen but Sammy is going chicken shopping this next Saturday perhaps I will take part of his purchase if he buys some I like. he is talking about buying baby chicks for him self and for Kelly.
The neighbor boys are going to help him move his bantams into the chicken pen and as soon as that happens I will lock him out of the pen that way they are mine.

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Sister--Three said...

You are not going to be chick-less very long it seems.