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Jefferson father of our country?

Did Thomas Jefferson father children by his 14 year old slave Sally Hemming. think about this if he did it wasn't the love story we have been fed like mush by the media but it was the rape of a 14 year old girl by her middle age slave owner. If Jefferson had sex with this slave at the age of 14 he was a pedophile and should have been placed in prison.

Descendants of Slaves and Slave Owners Gather for a Healing Family Reunion

Can you imagine going to a well-known southern plantation for a memorial service for both slaves and their owners at a family gathering of their descendants? Can you imagine the descendants of the white slave owners issuing an apology for the abomination of slavery? Can you imagine these people acknowledging that they are all related due to the fact that white plantation owners had children by their black slaves as well as their white wives? Can you imagine these descendants of slaves and slave owners embracing, crying and calling each other family? All this and much more actually happened during the weekend of July 13-14 in Virginia at the Monticello estate of the third president of the United States ; Thomas Jefferson. You know, the man on the nickel, the major author of the Declaration of Independence.

The Hemings Family Reunion event was hosted by the Thomas Jefferson Foundation, the non-profit historical group which organizes tours of the grounds at Monticello . Although the event was primarily for the descendants of Elizabeth Hemings, Jeffersons and other family members and friends were welcomed In case you have not already read about the context of this reunion, let me briefly fill you in on the story.

Elizabeth (also known as Betty) Hemings was the daughter of an African enslaved woman and a white man named Captain John Hemings who visited the Wayles plantation where she lived. Elizabeth had 12 children, six of whom were fathered by John Wayles, the master of her plantation. John Wayles' daughter Martha Wayles Jefferson married Thomas Jefferson. When John Wayles died, Elizabeth and her enslaved children were given to Thomas Jefferson as an inheritance. Mr. Jefferson had 5 children with his wife Martha. Martha died in 1782. After Martha's death, Thomas went to France as the United States Minister. Two of his daughters and two slaves joined him. His slave James Hemings came to learn the art of French cooking, and James' 14 year old sister Sally Hemings, came to look after his youngest daughter Maria. Sally was the half sister of Jefferson 's wife Martha. In France Sally learned to speak and read French and was trained as a ladies maid. It was here that she became pregnant with her first child (who was said to be the son of Jefferson , born back in America and named Thomas Jefferson Hemings.) Sally went on to have a total of 7 children claiming Thomas Jefferson as their father. Sally's children were raised as slaves on Jefferson 's plantation, and were freed at the age of 21 or allowed to run away to freedom. Some of these light skinned children passed for white and blended into white society while others chose to raise their families as African Americans. The Hemings descendants come in many different skin tones.

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Sister--Three said...

We know that some of Sally's children were Jefferson's from DNA evidence. We know Jefferson thought the black race was less intelligent than the white. We know that Jefferson was a two faced man, spouting about freedom and then keeping blacks enslaved. He had the typical southern view. That he was their God father....

I always thought Washington was not a good man, but after reading of him and how he loved farming and planting I think he was a better man than Jefferson. He freed his slaves when he died. He could not free Martha's but she was afraid they would kill her so she freed hers.

History is so interesting who would want to read made up stories when you can read about real people.