Saturday, April 16, 2011

sister Helen

Anticipation definition... looking forward to some event or happening with joy or eager to see something come to pass. My sister Helen is always eager for some thing or the other, she said yesterday she was going to make a birthday cake and was excited about it. My self I have not been eager or excited for any thing in the last 30 years as I usually view events that may happen with a feeling of dread.


Sister--Three said...

Sister, I know you don't know it...but we are a lot alike. I cook bday cakes ...but never really look forward to it. I do it for those at school in my area who have birthdays. Things taste so much better if someone else cooks it.

Linda@VS said...

Patsy, I'm not sure what you said about yourself is true. Just go to the search bar at the top of this blog and enter "new chickens." Maybe my memory is faulty, but I think I remember times you were excited. Just sayin'.

The 4th Sister said...

But just look at that cake!!!! My Grand Girl will be so excited!!! and Austin is there also