Friday, April 01, 2011

hanging on and War See Mike

You had better plant a garden. I read that wal-mart is saying food is going to take a Hugh rise in price in June. fleta said she wasn't planting corn this year perhaps she had better rethink that idea. I also saw a report that Boone co. had seen a Hugh jump in corn planting for this year seems the price of corn for stock feed has many farmers in Arkansas seeing dollar signs.
I have had a LOT of things to post but couldn't because Helen was involved in a divorce and was afraid I would say the wrong thing and hurt her efforts to get her piece of the pie but now all bets are off so here goes.
Helen was chasing Mike in her red car last evening while he removed the built in appliances from her house. She was going to take possession at midnight last night if Mike didn't provide her with keys Billy was going over the fence and go in thro' the back window {my idea} which Mike had put a sheet of ply wood over after he broke the window When I talked to her last she was parked across the street in her red car and Mike had just returned home I suppose to get another load of lute. I told her to be careful and she hung up. This is like the soap opera Sammy watches except no commericals. She called the Gilbert police and reported the theft. {my idea} now she has a record of the theft. I said if he took the appliances to his good friend's house which we figured he did because he was driving the Friend's pick up truck, the GOOD friend could be prosecuted for receiving stolen property.
He signed a deed giving her the house because he didn't want to lay out the money to fix the roof and then he told his daughter he would take back the house if she was late in making the payment to the bank. The daughter who was daddy's darling thought he would be able to get the house back. How dumb can some people be?
I always like my brother in law fairly well but blood is thicker than water and when it is war, which is what this has been for my sister, I didn't have much of a problem deciding which side I would be on unlike one of her off springs which will remain unnamed except to say she is unworthy to be her mother's daughter.
If I think of any other bad stuff to report on Mike I will.

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Donna said...

Well Patsy, one thing I can say about you: you know how to call a spade a spade.
Not many people in today's world are like that, so God bless you.