Thursday, March 31, 2011

tomatoes and squirrels

I have been looking about growing tomatoes in Arizona especially Phoenix because Helen is trying to grow tomatoes in a pot. What I found is Helen is late or early depending on your point of view. To grow tomatoes in Phoenix you should start your sets in October so either Helen is early or late depending on your point of view. The ground is soaked here. The chicken pens are a complete mud holes. The lettuce has not came up yet perhaps it has drowned. The onions are sprouting and the radishes or up. Tomorrow is D day for Helen she gets her house back and her son Billy and family will move in. This is a way to go Billy will make the payment and Helen can come to stay on extended visits.
The squirrel photo is from a newspaper I read called mail on line. I like squirrels. alive or cooking in the pot.


The 'splorin' Wolfies said...

this is a great blog, hope you don't mind if i follow along! i found it because of your egg post back in 2009. One of our hens was laying green eggs--now i know why! ha!

Sister--Three said...

Well, Larry says a squirrel in the pot is better than one in the tree. but we do not eat them except in cold weather.

Larry and Astrid set tomato plants out in cups yesterday. They are decorating our den. He has 17 of Maraglobe and 17 of Rutgers. Now, that is 34 plants...whew...lots of tomato juice.

I am glad Bill is goin to make that big payment and live in the house.

Balisha said...

Oh, had me going when you started by saying you liked squirrels...then you had to spoil it by saying cooking in the pot.That picture of the squirrel is really cute. We don't have that variety here...Balisha