Wednesday, May 04, 2011

bird migration

These are Betty's sparrows , she had a photo of one and I had a chicken pen full a few days later. I found this post on one of the web sites I read everyday. I often find birds in my yard a few days after Betty mentions seeing them at her feeder in the spring but I have not spotted her yellow finches yet.


What are these cute things on my driveway?

They look kind of like house sparrows, maybe a tad bigger, with black and white striped heads, a broadish white stripe right down the middle of the head. Tempio post from Michigan.
I searched and found it is white crowned sparrow and found it lived in Canada and the Western USA so My flock has gone and I suppose they are in Michigan now on their way to Canada. I learned they are a rare bird in our area.


Donna said...

I just this minute got done saying in my blog how much I hate English sparrows.

Sister--Three said...

Well, I am ready for my striped headed Sparrows to move on...they are sort of like HOGS! Let them go to Michigan...or to K C at Donna's house!