Monday, May 30, 2011

dryed beans

A 91 year old woman died and over the years she said many times never throw out dry beans in a jar. While clearing her home to sale the daughter found a jar of pinto bean and in memory of her mother she took it home to keep. The next day she found 3 more jars of dried beans and opening one of the jars to pour the beans in the trash along with the beans there spilled out a roll of money amounting to several thousands dollars. The other two jars had the same as well as the jar daughter had moved to her home.
needless to say all family members are searching for more beans.


Judy said...

Hi Patsy, Hope you are doing well. When my mother died we found up to $5,000 in her old purses. We used it on her funeral expenses. Love the baby chicks.

Sister--Three said...

Sounds like Granny Betty Cooper Powell hiding money behind the wall paper. Thelma said she would cut a slit and slip the money behind the wall paper. Grandpa Richard Powell lost all they had a Carrollton and Betty did not want to be broke again.