Sunday, June 12, 2011


Sammy brought home 28 chicks about 2 weeks old and when I went out to look them over I told him these were not bantams but regular sized chickens. He declared he knew that but I have my doubts about that any way he has some red looking chicks and some brown looking chicks and one or so yellow with black wing feathers.
He dumped them in the pen with his sale barn bantams and then had to get the neighbor boy to catch them because the older chicks were picking on them.
He has them in a wire cage on the porch with a water bed cover over them, when I went out to take photos his black and white pup was laying on top of the cage, no cats will brother the chicks that way.
At least he should have some pullets in this group since you can not see the sex as fast with standard chicks as you can with bantams.

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Sister--Three said...

I think this is too many chicks for you to care for.