Tuesday, June 07, 2011

guineas and chicks

A pen of bantam chicks.
male guinea in fighting mood.
I only have 6 guineas left 3 male and 3 hens. The males are the pearl color and the females are the lavender colour. I hear the females on the nest every morning as I set and look over the poultry as they eat. The guineas have a nest under the big roses bushes and I hear the noise the hen makes as she lays. It sound as if she is in pain .The male stands just out side the bushes and guards her as she lays her egg.
I have read that when she starts to set the male will be on guard during the day time but he goes to roost when night falls and that is when the most danger to the setting hen comes calling.
We had 2 chicks this morning hatched. I had SAM set up the brooder again. I placed 18 chicks under the hen during a weeks time but I think she has enough and now I am collecting them again in the brooder when we get 5 or 6 I will try to slip them under one of the other setting hens and let her care for them.

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