Sunday, June 05, 2011

sin and crime

Gov. Christie this week. Even if the helicopter he took to his son’s ball game was counting as necessary flight time; in the eyes of many of the citizens of New Jersey it was taken as a joyride on their dime. Although he promised to write a check to reimburse the state for the cost of him taking the trip, it was still a trite measure that seemed to do little more than taunt his critics. With promising to protect the state’s school budget in his campaign, and then wanting to slash the budget drastically; it seems that everything that Chris Christie does in the way of public good gets matched with two things that could potentially cause him to lose the confidence of voters and contributors.
Is Governor Christie guilty of a crime? or just guilty of being greedy of , I want what I want and the little people can go jump in the lake.

Now perhaps John Edward's will go to prison for misusing campaign funds or perhaps they were not campaign fund and were meant to cover up that John had being having sex with someone other than his wife.
John Edwards hid the secret of Rielle Hunter from everyone. The American people, contributors, his own wife. One thing people look for in their representatives is to be reliable not To cover up an affair.

Is it illegal though? it still has to be proven in court if the money given to cover up the Rielle Hunter situation were earmarked as campaign contributions. That will all be found out in good time. It’s for a court to decide now. But in the court of public opinion, John Edwards has been found guilty of acting unethically. The fact that maybe all of this happened goes to show that he is a man that the public should be grateful they never gave him their full trust and support. The stigma that surrounds him now is more heavy a sentence than any court could ever hand down.

If you will look closely at the family photo of the Edwards family you will see that John is the very center of the family, see how Elizabeth is in the back ground almost as an after thought? John Edward betrayed his family. He walked on their love and trust and now apparently he doesn't want the woman he threw it all away for. He is guilty but the question is guilty of what.

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Speck said...

He's guilty of not having the sense to use a condom. When you are rich and powerful you might be able to successfully hide a short affair, or even a long-term mistress. The women can always be dropped at a moment's notice, along with the monetary outlay.

But the reality of having an extra kid will eventually come back to bite you in the butt. The obligation for financial support goes on for a long, long time. That's what got him into trouble.