Thursday, July 28, 2011

Alex trebek

Is there anything Alex Trebek can't do? The "Jeopardy" host apparently doubles as a crimefighter.

Trebek, 71, snapped his Achilles tendon and injured his other leg when chasing down a burglar at his San Francisco hotel Wednesday morning, according to that city's KGO-TV.

As a side note Mr. Trebek stated he jumped out of bed when he realized there was someone in his room going thro' his belonging he in hast pulled on his shorts and gave chase. ,There it is he sleeps in the nude, not that there is any thing wrong with that you know but it was news to me.


Sister--Three said...

I bet he could ask the question...but would he know the answer?

Judy said...

Love him and love the show.Have watched faithfully for years.