Wednesday, July 06, 2011

lots of roosters

The new was full of the Casey Anthony verdict. Death threats were made against the grandparents and when the daughter goes free she will be in danger. The cable news media has whipped the public into a frenzy and now they want blood.
The court coverage puts me in mind of the Roman theater where people were pitted against lions for internment . I thought she would be convicted but I suppose I had been pulled into the circus just like most of the public in front of the court house.
We are supposed to have a cooler day today and tomorrow no reason that I could see but I will take a cool breeze if I can get one.
Betty's Siggy has a dance she does she named a soft dance probably she has heard of a soft shoe dance somewhere anyway she must be a delight to her family. I certainly enjoy hearing her great announcements.


Sunshine said...

Patsy, Siggie is a constant laugh. I am lucky to have good girls.

Sister--Three said...

Now, that was my luck in raising chickens...I would have one hen and five roosters to each hatch! Total I gave up.

Donna said...

Midtown Miscreant has an interesting take on the outcome of the trial.

The 4th Sister said...

Well the roostres are pretty anyway