Thursday, July 07, 2011

verdict... people are stupid

If you could go to jail for stupid a lot of Floridans would be behind bars
I watched the judge in Florida sentence Casey Anthony and also saw the people out side the court house with their sign.
I was amazed at the ignorance of the people on the court house concrete.
Some wanted to know why the judge couldn't over rule the sentence of the jury.
some wanted to send her to prison for 20 years when the judge sentenced her to the Maxim sentence that was available under the law. 4 years was the most she could be sentence under the law and he sentenced her to 4 years.
They didn't think she should get credit for the time she has been in jail, I think they would change their mind if it was they who were in jail for 3 years.

I have decided that we have the most uneducated stupid people on the face of the earth and no wonder the country is on the decline. How can people live 30 to 40 years not not manage to pick up some knowledge along the way.

The crowd was white, middle class females on the average with a few white males trowed in the mix . I suspect possible the males were there looking for a good lay so I will eliminate the few men. I saw 2 black females and the rest were white females 30 to 40 years young. no black men were present and I think they probably had already found their good lay and were off under air condition .

I think they will get behind close doors and set a date to release her in the next few weeks after the crowd goes home.

O J Simpson was sentenced in Nevada for murder, no matter what they charged him for the murder was the reason, after the he beat the charge in California but he was stupid and that is why they were able to get him in prison perhaps this woman isn't so stupid we will see what happens.


Donna said...

Thanks for the laugh and a dose of reality.

Sister--Three said...

Makes you think that it would be a bad rap to be tried by a panel of your 'peers'.