Sunday, August 07, 2011

Aunt helen

betty wanted to know where I found this photo. I found it on the net, I enlarged it and I had a photo of Helen only. So help me I forgot how I enlarged it. it was a christmas party at Truman Libary date dec. 19, 1957. every time I enlarge the photo aunt Helen was still there and the others were gone but I have forgot how I did it. I just know this was the photo I started with.


Sister--Three said...

I think she was 33 years old in 1957. Long time ago.

Judy said...

So glad you got some rain. We had bad storms here yesterday and it is supposed to cool down some. I pray it does soon. Love the picture of your aunt with Truman. He was one of my favorite presidents. It seems I read somewhere that he was the only president since Grover Cleveland without a college degree. Don't quote me on that. lol. I saw your flowers on Balisha's blog this morning. They are so pretty. I had to go back and catch up to see where she got those knomes! Hope you are well. Love and hugs.