Sunday, August 07, 2011

no electricity, no air no light!

Helen Luckey

beautiful is the rain! After the dust and heat, In the broad and fiery street, In the narrow lane, How beautiful is the rain! How it clatters along the roofs, Like the tramp of hoofs How it gushes and struggles out From the throat of the overflowing spout.

I went to bed at 9 last night and awoke to this pounding on the door. Janet was home , no electricity, no air! We began to search for a light, for a lighter or lamp or something.

Finally got the number of the REA and called. opened the door and a little rain was falling, wind was warm water was warm and I stopped praying for electricity and started praying for rain and cool wind .

Electricity restored at 10 till 12 and I got the air working. It was a terrible time to say the least. I guess it was off every where. we went to wal-marts and a clerk that lived at Melton said she was out of electric too.

I got up and turned on the computer no Internet! I called and got this person that sounded like a Negro, I have heard people say that and felt they were being mean but I know now that you can tell by their dialects. I had a terrible time getting the net back on, he kept telling me to put in my pass word and when I went to do it he would say you are doing it wrong! I just know he was living in some slum in New York city. I am sure he thought i was a bare foot hill billy. I was right he was wrong, finally he said he would turn it on for me, no kidding why didn't he do that to start with! Thank God it wasn't someone from India. I have had people like that before!
technology is a pain!


The 4th Sister said...

I am glad you have air now

Sister--Three said...

My computer is messing up. Such a pain is right.

Sister--Three said...

Patsy, where did you get this photo of aunt helen?

Donna said...

So you had a storm too? We were without electricity for hours yesterday.