Thursday, August 11, 2011


bigfoot has been down to see Fleta and let his foot print in the ground. when the rain fell she has a mud hole for the grand son to play in.

Bobbie Rhody is being buried today. she was almost 90 years old and had bone cancer. A while back some home health people came calling on her and told the family that they would have her out of that bed and going places in a few weeks.
Bobbie's son- in- law told them she is almost 90 years old and she doesn't want to go places, she just doesn't want to hurt anymore. We all should have a son -in -law like J.T. Terhest.

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Sister--Three said...

Sorry the air is not keeping you cool. Fleta said it was probably that your house is more open than mine. I have the windows open again.