Thursday, August 11, 2011

trouble, trouble

Major trouble yesterday our air conditioner stopped. I took what money I had and told Janet to call wal-marts and see if I had enough for a window air conditioner as is often the case "they " my children said why call we will just go.

OK, they went no air conditioners at wall mart mean while i am setting in front of the open door with fans going and about to die I think. 5 hour later they return with a box from a place in Harrison.

Sammy was in a do it right mode and he took 1 1/2 hours to put it in the window while I am dieing by degrees finally they get it in just so and turn it on and I swear it was like having a fan in the window. Thank God it will soon be winter and I can start buying propane and freezing.

I heard a pullet in the one pen that Sammy has singing yesterday. I told him that she was singing and he didn't realize that was a good indentation she would start laying soon or didn't realize that the reason for having chickens was getting eggs.

We had rain during all of my air troubles and rain all night. I read that Betty and Fleta both had turned off their air and open the doors no wonder if theirs is like my air conditioner.

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