Sunday, August 14, 2011

cornish chickens

Sammy bought more chickens from a woman who lives up the hill from us . she is married to a native Mexican and being illegal he was stopped while driving and will be sent back to his native home. anyway she sold Sammy his chickens. she said they were Cornish mixed with blue eggers.

I was puzzled by their looks but after looking on the net I found they are called Indian game so I suppose Sammy is in the fighting rooster business when they get older. they appear to be about 2 months old now.The blue and the black are the Cornish chickens.

Sammy didn't have the right change so I paid for them so maybe I am in the fighting rooster business. She had one male guinea, one Sussex hen one black and white hen which I can't tell what breed and 13 Cornish / blue egger chicks. the price figured out to a little less than 2 dollars each.

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Sister--Three said...

he can take some to the Huntsville sale. Larry still want to go to that sale. It is supposed to be a good one. Some folks from down here go.