Monday, August 15, 2011


The weather is a delightful 62 degrees this morning with the people in the know are saying 88 for a high today. The sun is up and I am about ready to go out and see the chickens. The banty rooster is crowing.

I read Helen's post, she said she had celebrated her birthday and I though Oh my I forgot Helen's birthday. I am slipping then I checked the date. It is the 15th. Helen is slipping. Her birthday is the 18th.

Helen said Billy was working on her bike,. I told Clayton Billy will end up with the bike. Read today he had it and was suppose to bring it home today. MAYBE? I figure that is OK, Helen is too old to ride a kids toy.


Donna said...

I think Helen was looking at July on the calendar, instead of August. Helen, turn your calendar to the next month!

The 4th Sister said...

Donna what is really bad is
You many be right. LOL...well
Bill called this morning. He put in a switch for the head light so
I could turn it off then started it up and he still had a head light...I have 2 headlights and they are wired seperately...and no one is not high beam and one low...on low they still both ran and on high they just got he had another switch at work to wire in so 1 switch will turn off both lights.. with 2 running all of the time, wired seperate it did put a strain on the scooter that was surely pulling a lot on my battery...any who he said he will deliver it to me tonight yippee skippee

The 4th Sister said...

Patsy you would be amazed how well
I ride and the Harley riders even wave to me..then I am sure they laugh

Anonymous said...

The Harley guys wave at Helen because they can not believe the old lady is riding a bike.