Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Green Forest honors the Ratlaff family

They had a memorial for Tommy Ratzlaff:today just out side green Forest, Ar. No protesters were present. I am sure the local people would have never allowed that church group to get near the funeral if they had desired.

I was told there were many navy seals present and that was another reason for the war protesters to stay away.

I think the war should have been over long ago but to protest at the funeral of the dead is a terrible thing to do. Go to Washington DC and protest at the white house and leave the grieving families to grieve in peace.

The number at the funeral was placed at 1200 and that is a large number for our small community.


Donna said...

Those idiots aren't protesting the war. They are saying all the wars were caused because God hates homosexuals, so they march around at a soldier's funeral with signs that say "God hates fags."
I hate the wars too. If I were close to some protest group, I'd take my cane-chair and a sign and do some marching myself. But the nutcases from Kansas have a whole different agenda.

Sister--Three said...

Poor family. Don't know what to say. No way to measure their sadness.