Tuesday, August 16, 2011


tumble bug
small blue butterfly
When you were young did you see large groups of little, no bigger than a nickle, light blue butterflies that always were around mud holes? I haven't seen any in years.
also how about tumble bugs? they would roll up manure and move them to where ever.

Dung beetles get their name from their unusual diet. These insects gather balls of dung to feed upon and lay their eggs inside. Some species don't bother to bring the dung to their home, but make a home inside the dung. There are 7,000 species of dung beetles, which is relatively few in the insect world. Their numbers may be few, but the positive impact the dung beetles make on the earth is significant.

How many insects have disappeared in your life time.

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The 4th Sister said...

Well Patsy I have thought about this a lot...thinking they were all dying off...first problem none of us get out and dig in the cow poo anymore...plus we do not get low to the ground and we can't See anything anymore...AZ is too hot and everything is dead here....But many of the things I had not seen in years...slugs...earth worms..long red worms by the hand fulls...butterflies..dozens at a time...bees..moths...lady bugs, hundreds...daddy long legs, Beatles, June bugs, lightning bugs, garden snakes, big, big flies..and dozens of bugs in the ground , soil, I did not even know what they all were ..these were abundant in WA when I was up there....I just kept thinking this is where all of the I sects and bugs have gone...It was amazing to me...