Monday, August 22, 2011

itches and rashes

Sammy moved his checks around again yesterday . One of the guineas died from heat stress in the plastic dog carrier he had her in along with 25 other birds.

While considering my sisters and my problems with whelping rashes and eczema I happen to think of Grandma Powell. I remember being on her front porch and a rashes would appear on her lower leg. She would scratch and scratch. She applied baking soda and water to the rash or poured alcohol on it. She would say well piffle that itches.
I guess we come from a long line of people who scratched and itched.
As far as I know the only one of the sisters who don't have the itches is Fleta, perhaps she is our stress and that is why we itch.

I used to get it on my head and I would take a bottle of alcohol on my scalp and pour on my head quickly and that usually stops the itch. When I am itching I go to the dollar store and buy 6 bottles of alcohol to have on hand usually I have a bottle handy to start on the next time I get the itches. Rubbing alcohol cost 50 cent a bottle until the last few years. Then it went up to a dollar a bottle and the last time I had my problem I paid 1.10 cents for it and the bottle held less.
I noticed the other day the card board they wrap toilet paper around is larger than they were a few purchases ago. I wonder if the hole in the donuts is larger than it was?
When I have the itches I want to run down the road screaming from the pain. It is pain and only someone who suffers that special torment can realize just how much we suffer.
When Helen had her last go around with the itches she was taking Kemo and she though the treatment for her cancer caused the rash. She has excess to better medical treatment than I and they cut one of her whelps and ran test on it. they told her it was not caused from a out side element, in other words it was some thing special about her, she concluded it was the cancer treatment they didn't. They didn't do any thing for her except what I advised Betty to do and I added the alcohol treatment which she used also. When she told her doctor about pouring alcohol on the places where she itches they said doesn't that hurt? She told them it felt good. There maybe a lot of women in Arizona now soaking in alcohol.
I have sores on my back and upper arms from my itches now. The last time I saw the doctor he said Don' scratch. He is a fool and I hope he gets the itches too.
I learned a thing or two from my grandma.

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The 4th Sister said...

My itches have been gone at least a year...I hope I never see them again..